Loren Batt’s work embraces multiple artistic disciplines, combining the roles of painter, sculptor, illustrator, and textile artist. Her work depicts individuals grappling with the universal questions and challenges of everyday life. Through her art, she aims to offer reflections that resonate with audiences, exposing our flaws, fears, desires for intangible comfort, and our innate yearning for solidarity, comfort, and love. In her body of work, elements of popular culture, hints of kitsch, and other Western art traditions vibrate together in an unprecedented fusion of the artistic and the traditional. Her hope is that these creations resonate with viewers, inspiring them to connect with their own stories.


(version française)

Education :

1974-1976: Franklin College, Lugano, Switzerland (Associate of Arts degree in Fine Arts)

1976-1978: Georgetown University, Washington, DC (BS in Languages and Linguistics)

!979-1981: École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

1981-1982: École du Louvre, Paris (Art history)

1981-1982: American College in Paris (Chemistry in relation to art restoration)


Artistic activities:

1980-1982: Assistant teacher for Françoise Bricaut in her printmaking workshop, La Taille

Douce, Paris

1980-1982: Painting restoration at Atelier St. Gervais, Paris (Francois de Souzy, director)

1984: Union Printmaker Workshop, Washington, D.C.

1985-1986: Pratt Graphics Center, New York

1986-1989: Founding member& member of the board, Manhattan Graphics Center, NY.


Group shows:

1982: Quatre Graveurs de la Taille Douce, Galerie La Passerelle, Paris.

1983: Mini Print International, Cadaquez, Spain.

1983-1984: Cabo Frio Print Biennial, Brazil.

1984: La Taille Douce, Galerie Parnasse 167, Paris.

1987: Manhattan Graphics Center Print Exhibition, Asso. American Artists Gallery, NY

1987: Mini Print International, Cadaquez, Spain.

1987: New York Express, Printmakers from the Pratt Graphics Center, Oviedo, Spain.

1988: Manhattan Graphics Center Invitational Members Show, Ward Nasse Gallery, NY.

1988: On Broadway portfolio print exhibition, Sylvan Cole Gallery, NY.

1988: VIeme Biennale Internationale de Gravure, Digne-les-Bains.

1989: L’Évantail : 1789-1989, Galerie Lucie Saboudjian, Louvre des Antiquaires, Paris.

1989: Peintres en Liberté, Galerie K’Art, Paris.

1993: Auto Portrait de la Taille Douce, La Maison Mansart, Paris.

1996: Des Chiens, Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris.

2000: Vallda Galleri, Vallda, Sweden.

2004: Second Biennial Dimensional Salon, The Society of Illustrators, NY.

2014: Toi et Moi, Galerie Lefor Openo, Paris

2017: HerStory, Manhattan Arts International-

2017: Excellence in Fiber Art 2017

2018: Creative Quarterly 49-50 magazine

2018: HerStory, Manhattan Arts International

2019: Galerie T Room, La Roche Guyon, France

2019: Small Expressions 2019- Handweavers Guild of America- USA.

2019: Oksébô 7th biennial, Chateau de La Roche Guyon, France (duo with Nadja Laganza)

2020 : Congruence, juried show for the website “I Like Your Work” curated by

Bridgette Meyer (Bridgette Meyer Gallery)

2020: Small Expressions 2020- Handweavers Guild of America- USA.

2020: American Illustrators, – internet archive winner

2021 Creative Quarterly 64 magazine- winner

2022: Small Expressions 2022- Handweavers Guild of America- USA.

2022: Galerie T Room, La Roche-Guyon, France

2023: Forget Me (K)not, SCD Textile Art Studio at the Museum of Embrodery and Textiles,

Valtopina, Italy

2023: Faces and Places, Galerie Dodomu online exhibition


Solo shows:

1988: Galerie Telford, Paris.

1992: Galerie K’Art, Paris.

1995: Universidad de Costa Rica, Escuela de Bellas Artes, San José, Costa Rica.

1995: Galerie K’Art, Paris.

1997 : Inside, outiside, over there, WICE Artspace, Paris.

2018: Fusion Arts- Artiste 3D, solo online exhibition for July

2020: Lead me into temptation, Galerie T Room, La Roche-Guyon, France


Illustrated books:

1998: Une petite fille sage comme un orage, (Alain Serres, author) Rue du Monde.

2004: Le monde est si grand, (Alain Serres, author), Rue du Monde.

2020: Storis, Lillis och Konstigheterna (Biggish, Smallish and Strangeness), 29 Media, Sweden

2022: Storis, Lillis och Roligheterna (Biggish, Smallish and Fun), 29 Media, Sweden



2017: HerStory, Manhattan Arts International- the Bren Sibilsky “Cross Over”award

2018: HerStory, Manhattan Arts International- Award of excellence

2019: Small Expressions 2019- Handweavers Guild of America- Honorable mention

2020 : The Healing Power of ART 2020 Exhibition- Award of excellence



La Maison des Artistes, Les Condamines, Oksébô, European Textile Network