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Handweaver’s Guild of America Zoomcast for their weekly show “Textiles and Tea”

October 2021

Handweaver’s Guild of America Tea + Textiles


“Lead me into temptation…”

Ex-votos and guardian angels

Exhibition at the Galerie T Room, La Roche Guyon, France, July 3- September 20, 2020



American Illustration 39 winner- online archive (2020)

American Illustrators 39 Winner online archive



Handweavers Guild of America, Small Expressions 2019

Honorable mention

July 2019- June 2020


HGA Small Expressions 2019

Small expressions awards


Fusion Art solo art exhibition, July 2018



HERStory 2017 Art Awards from Manhattan Arts International

Loren Batt Won The Bren Sibilsky Cross Over Award

Why Bren Sibilsky Chose Loren Batt: “Mastering many medias is one thing, but Loren’s ability to weave them all together in a masterly manner is why I selected her for a Cross Over Award. Much like the many continents she has traveled, her work is a window into her eclectic world. Her work has an editorial edge with a whimsical flair. It is inspiring, full of the wanderlust of her life experiences. She is proficient in painting, sculpting, drawing, sewing, assemblage, etc. She combines all of these various medias together to tell the tale of time and place in a magical way. Take time to travel into her mysterious world of art. It is worth the trip!” ~ Bren Sibilsky

About the Award: Bren Sibilsky was inspired to create this unannounced award after seeing Loren Batt’s artwork. The artist will be promoted extensively on social media and featured in a press release that will be widely distributed.




Fusion arts- September 2016 online exhibition- Waterscapes



TAFAlist artist’s profile

Loren Batt profile for TAFA list

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ArtsyShark feature 2016

Artsy Shark website March 2016



Article Gazette de Drouot, June 1996

Article in la Gazette de Drouot, June 1996




Article Gazette de Drouot Nov.,1995

Article in La Gazette de Drouot Nov.,1995




Article La Nacion, March 13, 1995

Article in La Nacion, Costa Rica,   March 13, 1995




Le Monde,10 Mai,1989

Le Monde, May 10,1989